With Ford Extended service plans, drivers can purchase varying levels of specified extended service to protect their vehicle for the long-term. Extended Service plans are offered to provide Washington, DC drivers coverage once their new vehicle limited warranty expires. With available plans that cover thousands of parts and up to eight years or 150,000 miles (whichever comes first), Alexandria drivers can rest easy knowing that they're protected! 

The core four extended service plans include PowertrainCARE, BaseCARE, ExtraCARE, and PremiumCARE. Drivers can opt to add additional Ford dealer plans that include: TireCARE, DentCARE, WindshieldCARE, and TripleCARE. 

How does it work? Drivers select an extended service plan, get a quote for their upfront charge, and then pay a deductible on certain parts and repairs when their vehicle requires maintenance. Beyond this, every Ford Service plan comes with the following services, too:

  • 100% backed by the Ford Motor Company
  • Interest-free financing for up to 24 months on most plans. Everyone qualifies
  • Dealer support in the United States, Mexico, and Canada (accepted at every Ford/ Lincoln dealer in any of the three countries)
  • Ford authorized parts and service - genuine Ford parts and factory trained and certified technicians
  • For covered repairs, no out of pocket expenses. You only pay the applicable deductible.
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • No unexpected expenses or surprises

How Does The Ford Extended Service Plan Work?

It breaks down to this: Select your Ford Extended service plan (and pay an upfront cost), when your vehicle has issues just pay the appropriate deductible, and the rest is taken care of (depending on your extended service plan of choice)! Plus, with Ford Extended Service plans, Falls Church and Mclean drivers can get their vehicles serviced at any Ford or Lincoln dealer in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Extended Service Contract

  • PowertrainCARE: Critical engine and transmission coverage
  • BaseCARE: Coverage of system that impact drivability
  • EtraCARE: Coverage for vehicles with fewer high tech components
  • PremiumCARE: The most comprehensive service contract coverage plan

Prepaid Maintenance

If Mclean drivers are looking for a reliable, no non-sense extended service plan, look to the Ford extended service plan. Rest easy knowing that your vehicle is covered in almost any maintenance situation. If you're looking for vehicle maintenance peace of mind, choose a Ford Extended service plan!

GAP Insurance

Ensure that you're always covered with Ford GAP insurance. Sometimes, in the case of an insurance settlement, there's a gap between the insurance settlement and the outstanding balance of your finance contract. GAP insurance protects in you in such situations.


While the extended service plans mostly cover the technical side of things, drivers might be wondering about coverage for exterior vehicle elements. Fear not! Vienna drivers can also add three other packages: TireCARE, DentCARE, WindshieldCARE, and TripleCARE. TripleCARE is a combination of TireCARE, DentCARE, WindshieldCARE. However, drivers can mix and match plan pairings as they see fit. With TripleCARE, Falls Church drivers also receive unlimited mileage and up to seven years of coverage, no limit on the number of claims, and no deductible!

Paint & Interior

Paint and interior coverage is also provided with some Extended Service plans! We go far beyond just the typical oil change! Ensure that your interior and exterior are well taken care of thanks to your Ford Extended service plan!

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