Should You Buy or Lease Your Next Ford Vehicle?

When you're looking for your next Ford vehicle and you're considering how to get it home, you have a couple options: you can either buy or lease your new Ford model, each offering different benefits. So which one do you choose? Well, that's all up to you, but we can certainly help make the differences clearer for you!

When you choose to buy your vehicle, you own it once you've made all your payments and you can drive it anywhere, any time, for as long as you want, and customize it however you want; you can even smash out the windows if you'd like (but we certainly don't recommend it)!That said, you'll be 100% responsible for your vehicle's repairs over the years.

When you rent, you'll only have the vehicle for a couple years and you'll have mileage restrictions, but you can get a new car all over again once the lease is over! Your leased vehicle will also be under warranty for its brakes, transmission, and suspension, so you'll have a few less things you're responsible for. To get even more details, check out the video below and then come out to our Falls Church, VA dealership to get assistance from our finance center professionals when buying or leasing a vehicle with us.



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